Levels of Compensation

The level of compensation depends on the medical evidence. Typical claims for damage to hair from a defective permanent waving or tinting, and from dermatitis or tingling and burning of the scalp which causes brittle hair, should be in the region of £4,300 to £6,350 depending on:

  • Presence of depression
  • Effect on life
  • The recovery time
  • Less serious hair damage injuries include cases where the hair has been pulled out leaving bald patches, where the amount of compensation should in the region of £2,300 to £4,300.

    For dermatitis, where the skin (normally the hands) becomes painful, red, cracked and inflamed, the amount of compensation should be between £1,000 and £11,200 depending on:

  • Effect on life and work;
  • Presence of depression;
  • Recovery time
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