Hair Extension and Weave Damage

Hair extensions are made from either real hair or woven fibre and are used to add more colour, volume or length to existing air. They are currently more popular than ever, thanks to their frequent use by celebrities.

Every hair extension method in use today has the potential to cause serious problems such as hair damage and breakage. Often the cause is the application and removal procedures. Extensions are glued or heat sealed to stay in place. Sometimes they are clipped or sewn on to normal hair. They often break off because they are too heavy, sometimes close to the scalp and sometimes along the hair shaft. In severe cases the prolonged use of extensions can cause traction alopecia (hair loss from pulling on the roots).

Some hair extension methods use metal type products such as nickel, or chemical adhesive materials, either of which can cause allergic reactions. Hair extensions fall out along with the natural hair – if the natural hair is not strong enough to hold the hair extensions, the extensions can fall out and pull the natural hair out with it. If natural hair is too thin or weak or hair is damaged or very weak when hair extensions are attached, it can lead to permanent hair loss may occur. The damaged hair is further damaged with the extra weight of the extensions. Natural hair can also be damaged when removing the extensions. The removal process must be done correctly to avoid damage.

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