Hair Perm Damage

Perms (short for permanent waves) are a chemical procedure of altering the usual shape of the hair follicle. A hair perm can be achieved by a variety of chemical processes, normally quite straightforward. But since the chemical structure of the hair is being acted upon, the hairdresser needs to understand and be fully competent in each of the techniques which make up the procedure for creating the permanent wave, and also the precautions necessary for the protection of both hair and skin.

While the vast majority of hair perms work out satisfactorily, a perm can fail badly and often for entirely predictable reasons. The result can be extensive hair damage, scalp burning or skin irritation.

Perm-lotion is an active and dangerous chemical to skin. The major causes of failure include over-exposure to the perming solution or a failure to neutralise the solution. In addition the use of incorrectly sized rollers and excessive tension or stress on the rollers can cause damage. It is always advisable to carry out simple strand tests on small cuttings of hair before treatment – especially where the hair has been subjected to any previous treatment (such as dyeing, bleaching, perming and relaxing). Failure to do so would in almost all cases amount to a substantial failure care by the treating salon.

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